I Am Enough! – Written by Carol Starr Taylor

Sometimes we judge ourselves pretty harshly.  We criticize, berate, and even disparage ourselves, treating ourselves far worse than we’d ever treat other people. The problem is that if we beat ourselves up too much it can make us a whole lot less positive, and we can start to wear ourselves out with all of that negativity. Please check out Carol’s honest and beautiful journey to live a more positive life and find out…She Is Enough!



The author of this post found family by creating her own unique sisterhood of women to support each other in friendship and in business.

Families come in many shapes and sizes, but ultimately the true meaning of the word “family” is the same regardless of who makes up your tribe. A family is a group that provides you a sense of community and belonging. They make you feel loved, supported, challenged and connected.

Particularly as women, it’s important for us to have another family outside of our traditional family—a sort of “sisterhood”—comprised of those who understand the particular challenges and emotions we face in our daily lives.

Excerpted from
“Life in Pieces from Chaos to Clarity:
 Lies, Secrets and Finding Your Truth”
Imagine yourself, living your dream life… Are you close to that right now?

If how you want your life to be is far from how it actually is, then it’s time to do something different.

Have you or are you feeling STUCK? Spinning your wheels searching for happiness, love, money or purpose?

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