Carol Starr Taylor is a Certified Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Business Consultant, NLP Practitioner | Time Line Therapy Practitioner | Hypnotherapist | NLP Coach

Belief and Mindset are an integral part of moving forward in both your personal and professional life.

Each of us are faced with different obstacles and challenges,  have had distinct life experiences and perspectives. Therefore,  there are a plethora of modalities that can be applied to work with what YOUR specific goals are and should not be painted with the same brush.  Are you looking to go from Chaos to Clarity in YOUR World?

Do you have regrets? Do you think to yourself, “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve”? Do you feel like you are not enough? Do you know how it feels to sink so low that you are in despair? Have you ever felt like a failure? Do you know what it is like to experience gut wrenching personal and financial loss? Have you ever trusted someone and been used and lied to? Do you know what it is like to have no self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem or self-love? Have you ever experienced a relationship with infidelity? Have you ever been bullied? Do you know what it is like to be? Do you know what it feels like to experience physical abuse and/or verbal abuse? Have you ever felt totally alone in the world with no one to turn to?

  • Are you an Individual that would like to “get unstuck”?
  •  Are you facing a specific obstacle that you would like to work through and change?
  • Kick a habit?
  •  Work on your communication style?
  • Reach the next level in your personal and/or professional life?
  •  Are you experiencing relationship issues?
  • Are you a Business that would like to achieve greater success?
  • Do you have a Team that you would like a workshop for to inspire and motivate?
  • Are you looking for sales training to brush up on your own or a group’s existing knowledge?

  • Are you a Solo Preneur, seeking direction to achieve your dream?
  •  Are you in Kickstart  mode in your business and want to take action?
  • Are you a seasoned sales professional and would like to expand your business?
  • Do you feel that you are not achieving the level of success you should be?
  • Spinning your wheels?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?

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