“Life In Pieces is an inspirational read that depicts personal life lessons leading from difficulty to triumph. Carol shares her personal experiences in a way that creates a bond with the reader. I can relate to her reflections on her upbringing, her choices in love, her relationship with herself and her courage to accept the past and forgive. Her story reignited a feeling self love and gratitude towards my own journey in life”

Dorothy Guerra

Media Host, Business Strategist, Learn More

I just thought to message you and say, how I so love waking up to your posts each day.. I take from them and share my own thoughts and insights and I can’t say how you have helped me in the space of feeling like I can achieve my goals. I have been through the ups and downs like many of us .. And in getting back up and dusting myself off , I have a strong renewed passion to achieve what I know I can! So I just wanted to say Thank you for your inspiration, so love it.


“Often times we are told not to judge a book by its cover. When we see a beautiful person empowering others we don’t automatically assume they have conquered mountains of adversity. Carol Starr Taylor has. Yes we all have a story but Carol shares her “Life in Pieces: From Chaos to Clarity” in courage. From her traumatic childhood to founder of a worldwide sisterhood movement Carol shows us that perspective/mindset play a key role in becoming who we are destined to be. Don’t let your past struggles stifle your successes of tomorrow. Thank you Carol for being brave enough to share your story and the lessons learned along the way!

Makini Smith

Author/Motivational Speaker/Mentor, Learn More

Secrets,lies, and trauma make us sick; afraid we will forever be broken. Carol Starr Taylor shares her life with such courage and vulnerability that it liberates the rest of us to look within, to speak our truth, and to know that our own lives matter so very much. “Life In Pieces” is a monumental read

Crystal Andrus Morissette

Best-Selling Author, Emotional Age and Communication Expert, Learn More

Life in Pieces is exactly what it promises; a practical outlet to create clarity and focus from the fragments of a life well-lived. Particularly, I enjoyed seeing myself in the stories and shaking my head at each change of chapter. Emotionally the love shown in this book, goes through the ages and applies to anyone who feels they are in emotional, financial, spiritual or mental chaos and would like a clear pathway to simplicity and ease.

Carla Wynn Hall

Best Selling Author, Learn More

“Let me tell you about this amazing author Carol Starr Taylor who has written one powerful book. That takes you on a emotional ride of wanting more. She gives you a glimpse into what she had endured and how she was able to pull her self up and live and thrive. There is one particular passage in the book page 35 where she says “Bruises heal but abuse doesn’t” whew! That alone brought me to complete tears. “LIFE IN PIECES” is a life altering book. It’s good to know through all that childhood abuse, Carol stands in her truth and is open to help heal others with her words and journey. This is a must buy.

Haneef R Jordan

Author, radio host, and stylish "Momager", Learn More

Brutally honest and beautifully written, Carol’s story both shocks and enlightens. To find grace in dark places and transmute demons into angels is truly remarkable. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, this book will find a way to inspire you.

Laura Bilotta

Matchmaker, Dating Coach, Learn More

Sharing her intensely personal journey full of heartbreak and trauma, Carol Starr Taylor has given a selfless gift full of wisdom, love and support.

Todd Miller

Program Director, Listen UP! Talk Radio, Learn More

Life in Pieces -From Chaos to Clarity takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride that, ironically enough, you don’t want it to end. Carol is to be applauded for sharing her raw and authentic life story that at times is difficult to read. As a reader, you take the journey from chaos to clarity with her, and you realize at the end of the book, you just made a friend for life. Whether you ever meet Carol or not, you KNOW her. Truly KNOW her.

Elvira Caria

Radio Personality, Learn More

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